Catering Heater Fitting, Repairs & Maintenance

Are you looking for a heating system that provides optimum comfort? That ensures safety by supplying heat for mobile workplaces? That actively protects the environment and reduces consumption due to pre-heated engines? That is easy to install and inexpensive to maintain? Are you looking for an expert partner who not only provides heat but also the ideal climate for every challenge? Then Eberspächer is just the partner you need. Robust design, high-performance, sophisticated technology: Eberspächer fuel heaters "made in Germany" have made a name for themselves around the world. For every application, our innovative heating technology ensures an extremely comfortable degree of warmth as soon as the vehicle is entered, pleasant temperatures in mobile workplaces and optimum temperature control in storage compartments. The safety and time-saving aspects of pre-heated vehicles are also not to be ignored. For example, the windows of delivery vans no longer have to be de-iced – the driver saves time and effort and his view is unobstructed – this can be easily activated by a timer switch or by radio remote control at the appropriate time. Not only do they provide heat, they also actively protect the environment. For example, most of the systems enable heat to be produced without having to run the engine – which is actually forbidden in a lot of countries. This saves fuel and money and reduces emissions. In order to be able to optimally comply with all the requirements, Eberspächer has developed two different heating systems. Our Hydronic water heaters are integrated into the coolant circuit, they therefore pre-heat the engine and the vehicle. The Airtronic air heaters work completely independently of the existing water circuit. They supply the required heat especially quickly. A combination of both systems is also possible. A comprehensive air conditioning system needs cold air as well as heat. In addition to our vehicle heater range we also offer numerous auxiliary products for perfect air conditioning.

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